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A sneak peak….next release

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No name, and not really finished, but here is a small sneak peek of the next dress we will be adding to our Back-To-School line-up on Friday night 7PMCST.   I am working on matching leggings, and cotton capris, and by tomorrow night, I should have pictures.

As most of you know, I have a 7-yr old daughter, so I spend many nights thinking about what I want to create for my little girl.  In our school, the girls have to have their shoulders covered, which usually means halter tops, Ellies, and flutter sleeve dresses are out of the question unless she wears a t-shirt underneath the dress or top.  However, in Florida when school starts, the weather is still too warm for layering, so I tried to think of something new.  I love a classic bodice with buttons, but I wanted a deeper neckline, and a collar.  I could not find a pattern, so I created my own design.  This is what I sent my friend last week for approval.IMG_0561I ended up making Olivia a top, only because her closet is full of dresses, and the older she gets, the more she likes to wear tops and pants.  I am finishing up the orange polka dot leggings as I type this post, and I will most likely be making a pair or orange gingham pants to match.  Hopefully I will be able to show you what the outfit looks like by Friday afternoon.  I have a funny feeling it will be very cute…..LOL.  Stay tune for more exciting Back-To-School items.