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A visit to Bunny Hill

Finally……and I really do mean that…..let me introduce you to our first Easter dress for 2017.  The Bunny Hill collection shows off bunnies enjoying their everyday life – hugging, collecting carrots, playing.  You name it, and it is here.  Adorable and cute, and the colors are some of my favorite – mint green combined with apricot and white.  This print is too cute for words, and I guarantee it will look adorable on the little ones for Easter….so pretty.

The main fabric shows off the bunnies, and comes in this gorgeous mint green or white (which I should be showing tomorrow…if all goes well).  I took the pics a little late in the afternoon, but we will have more to show you soon.   The dress, for many of our new customers includes a classic bodice that buttons in the back, flutter sleeves (which are optional), and three sets of ruffles on the hem of the skirt.  Yes our pictures do include a pettiskirt, so our customers can see the fullness of the skirt.  I prefer a pettiskirt under dresses.  I have always put my daughter in different pettiskirts, and I buy them in Target or TJMAXX, whenever I see one that I like.

The dress will not be offered with a sash unless requested by the customer.  As you can see, it does cover the adorable bunny embroidery on the front bodice.  I prefer no sash, because time and time again my daughter just ripped it off, or struggled with it, but like I said I will make one if it is requested.  The dress has a pretty tight fit, so I find the sash to be unnecessary.

The beauty of this dress lies in the fabric.  Aren’t those just the cutest bunny prints?  I just love it.

There will be a limited quantity of these dresses.  I can only make between 15-20 dresses, and they will not ship until 2/30/17.  This will help us get all the dresses made up at once, and work at full capacity around here.  I hope you like the dress, and I will try and get better pics soon.