Alpine Holiday Sister Dress

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Introducing the Alpine Holiday Sister Dress.

LOL.  This dress…..has been such a headache for me.   Maybe because I had an incredibly busy week or maybe my photography just did not catch the colors correctly.    Whatever the reason, I could not get this dress to look quite like I wanted it.


Here is the original version my mom and I designed.  It looked perfect until I put it together.  The knit and the cotton fabric – both red tones – just did not look good together.  It happens.   Both fabrics go through the same dye process, but the colors look strange together.  It became very apparent to me once I looked at the photos, which I had taken in the sunlight.  I honestly did not mind the fact that the reds were different, since I felt they were still in the same family, but as always I worried what my customers would think.    So I spent the evening, and the next evening staring at this dress thinking, contemplating, pondering…….about what I should do, or what I could do to save this dress.



This was the final product, and I love it….just like I loved the first design.  Haha. I finally ended up deciding that this dress could have so many different looks, which is why I had such a hard time deciding on the final version.  I could even put the dress  together just like the original Alpine Holiday dress with a brown knit, and the brown polka dot fabric as the ruffled trim.  Lots of options, so I will just have to leave it up to you, or perhaps design a few more of these dresses.   I will have to sleep on it, or dream about it.  LOL.  I will say this though, Olivia loves this dress.  It is comfy, warm and so cute.   She did not want to take it off.

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