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Before I tell you all about why I am making these hats and flowers, I thought I should give you a basic idea on why I very rarely get any sewing done when my family is at home.  I am sure my story is no different than any other moms, and although my husband really helps me out with my schedule, it seems as if I am just constantly answering to everyone calling “MOM” or “Mama” around here.  I make beds, clean up rooms, look for EVERRRRRRYTHING, set up DVD’s, WII’s, and computers.  I check dinner, answer to tears and fights.  I never get to watch TV or sit down, and I am constantly interrupted.  Being home with the family – no matter how much I love them – is just never a vacation.  I guess I owe them that, after being so busy during the Christmas “stress”, and that is why I would prefer to say I am on vacation, then trying to get my orders done.

When I do get a few minutes to myself, or I am forced to watch Cinderella with Olivia or Iron Man with Nicolas, I pick up my yarn and crochet needle and get to work.  At least I feel like I am doing something for me and my business.   I try to collect yarns as I buy fabric, which is not always possible, since finding the colors before the season starts is not always possible.  However in this case, I was able to find some good matches, and I am sure there will be more to come.

I managed to finish one FUCHSIA HAT while watching a movie.  You can find it here.

Pinkalicious hawaiianpunch valentine TROPICAL2

I also finished many different HAIR CLIPS for various different dresses that I will be introducing in the next few weeks.  You can find the hair accessories HERE.