Baby Bunny Pinny

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A new pattern, a new dress?  Yup.  Another one.  LOL.  In this case, I was asked by one of my customers to make a baby dress, long before I made all of these other dresses.   I really love trying new patterns, and I could never sew the same dresses over and over again.  However, I am cautious when it comes to trying new designers.  I have my favorites, and since I trust their fit, I would prefer to stick to four or five companies I know.  There is nothing more aggrevating then to make a gorgeous dress that does not fit.

I found this pattern called PINNY by Boo Designs.  Once I saw all the lovely creations by other designers, I decided to show my customer this pattern.  You can always be sure that a pattern that has been tested by others, and sold in their shops over and over again is sure to be winner.  We both agreed, this pattern would be perfect.

The beautiful thing about almost all of the Boo Design patterns, is that the author wants you to be creative.  She gives you lots of options to create different bibs, skirt lengths, straps and back bodices.  In this case, I chose an elastic backing, due to the fact that this dress was for a baby, but you can also opt for a zipper in the back of this pattern.  I also chose to put ruffles in the straps, and if you google PINNY you will find lots of ideas and tutorials for other great designs.

Now for the bad news…..As much as I loved this pattern, I am afraid that I will not be offering this dress in my shop.  Two very important reasons.  First of all, I am almost out of stock on this fabric.  I know.  It is so sad.  If I were the designer of this print, I would never let it run out of stock.  I could think of 100 different designs to make with this lovely fabric, but I don’t run the show and I don’t make these decisions.  Secondly, I am not sure how many EASTER orders I can still manage.  I know EASTER is more then 6 weeks down the road, but I am really getting so many orders, that I am afraid I may have to shut down the shop for awhile.  Yes, I am flattered and pleased at the success of all the new dresses.  Honestly, I walk around with a huge smile on my face every day.  So many new faces, new fans, and new customers.  I am so lucky.  I wish I could sew more.  I am in the process of filling out my calendar with all the orders, so I know exactly how many more dresses/orders I can take.  I am leaving my Sundays open to catch up on life (laundry, cooking, cuddling).  I am not accepting any deadlines anymore, so please don’t ask.  It is just too hard to juggle making different dresses, and 30 or 40 different deadlines at the same time.  I have a process, and I know what works.  I have been doing this for six years, and each year gets more and more demanding, but trust me on this one. Please.

In the meantime, I will just keep taking pictures of all the pretty things that I make.  Some of these dresses will be offered again next year.  As always, I have ordered plenty of fabric, so what does not sell will be available throughout the summer months and perhaps next year if I don’t sell out.   Hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday… know where to find me.

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