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Back to School Shorts

sailor shorts




A Back-To-School must have for both of my kids are shorts.  Olivia has two favorite patterns that I will be making in various different fabrics.  The first is the Summer Sailor Shorts by Brownie Goose.  As discussed in length during an earlier post, I really enjoyed this pattern, and the fit was perfect.  Her writing was quite entertaining, which made this project even more fun then I expected.  I love the classic design of these shorts.  Combining this design with modern fabrics makes it even more perfect.  For instance, a pair of chevron shorts would be adorable.  The above picture  are the Grey Sailor Shorts offered on our website.   I offer the shorts in two colors in this fabric: Grey and Turquoise as seen in the fabrics below.



The Ciara Halter Top was made to go with these shorts.  I love the combination, but I will be making another matching peasant top soon.  Tomorrow I will be discussing our other favorite  short pattern.