Blackwatch Skirt

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Just in case you were wondering what Olivia’s teeth look like, well here you go!  LOL.  She is missing three teeth, and two more are due to fall out any day now.  However, I could help but post these lovely pictures, because ……well…..a smile says so much, doesn’t it?  She was laughing at our dog, who would not stop getting in the way of me taking pictures.  Everytime I bent down to take a picture, he would jump up on me and try to give me a great big “doggy kiss”.   Olivia was obviously very happy about the interruption.

This fabric is called Blackwatch.  It is the name of this scottish plaid fabric.  It is a lovely cotton/polyester blend that just says “classic”.  I love this fabric.  So when a client asks me to make something special or new, I always say yes.  In this case, I recommended the new pattern from Olabehle called McKenzie.  It is such a cute skirt pattern, and combined with this print, it is classic and cute.    Pair it up with sneakers and a jeans jacket or pretty shoes and tights.  Very versatile and very chic.   I love the look.  The skirt is now available in my shop here.  By the way, I also made a pair of suspender pants for her little boy.  I am sure the kids will look adorable when they pose for pictures.

You can also find our Blackwatch Ruffle pants on our site.  Olivia wore those throughout the winter months last year.  The fabric is nice and soft, and the pant pattern is very comfortable.  I often get asked why capris?  Well, we love to wear them with tights and boots, depending on the weather and the season.  Believe me, these pants are adorable and fun to wear.


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