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It’s been a long time since I posted about an interesting read or a blog that I love, so I thought I would take a break from news about my sewing world, and tell you a little something about IHEARTORGANIZING.  I stumbled upon her blog looking for ways to organize our “doll clothes”.  She has some really cute ideas for girls closets.  The author – Jen – shows you lots of projects, ideas and where to buy some much needed organization tools.  Her favorite place to shop is TARGET.  She also shows you lots of projects from other sources, such as her readers and fellow bloggers.  I have enjoyed reading about her bathroom revamp.  Her and her husband show you step by step what they did to renovate their bathroom.  Congratulations Jen, because it turned out great.

Anyways, knowing that we were going to be rained out all weekend, I wanted to attack Olivia’s closet this weekend.  Olivia and I literally tried on every dress, pair of pants, t-shirt, and ballet outfit.  We had to take a few unnecessary breaks due to boredom, but otherwise I have to say that Olivia was a ‘good sport’.  She modeled each and every outfit.  I am sorry to say, we had to give away an entire green garbage bag full of clothing and books and toys, but it helped us to get closer to our goal, and that was to organize her closet. I realize that I should have painted the closet and the shelves, but I only had two days.



The first thing we did was buy this cubicle at Target.  I decided that she needed some kind of shelving.  We had more vertical space then horizontal.  The floor of Olivia’s closet was always full of toys, dolls, and paper, and I wanted that to be free.  Of course, her closet is a bit odd, as are most of the closets in our house.  One door and a wide closet, in which nobody can access the furthest corners of it.  Last year my husband put shelving into both corners of the closet, and we hung two clothing rods for all of her dresses in the middle, hoping that this would solve all of our problems.  Nope.  They did not.

As you can see by the pictures above, I took one clothing rod down (the lower one), which helped to make the closet more accessible.  I also removed the top shelves, so that clothing could be hung from one side of the closet to the other.  Of course Olivia cannot reach her clothing, but I am not really bothered by that fact, since she has tendency to try everything on, and then leave it on the floor.  Now she will have to ask me for something, before she can change clothing for the upteenth time.  I am assuming Olivia is not the only child that does that right?

Next, I decided that since we cleaned up most of clutter with our cubicles, that I would take our baby shelf and turn it into a “dolly center”.  I cannot take credit for this idea.  It came from browsing Jen’s site,and few other google ideas I found.  I added a curtain rod to the bottom of the shelf to hang the doll clothes.  The shelf serves as a shoe holder.  Isn’t that just a great idea? .

Olivia was thrilled.  She loved it.  She even decided to add the doll bed in there too.  She leaves the closet door open so she can see her dolls at night.  I still need to buy some more hangers, since we have a few more things to hang up, but other then that it was a great weekend project.  Thanks Jen for all the inspiration.

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