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September 12, 2014 2 min read

There comes a time each year, in which I feel a need, or maybe an urge for FALL to come.  Most likely due to the very hot and humid summer months that get on my nerves, or go on way too long for my german blood, but in any case, I long to see acorns, feel a cool breeze on my face when I walk the dog, and the urge to decorate the house for the upscoming seasons.

Well that time has come.  School is in session, the kids are enrolled in their sports, and I feel like Halloween and Christmas will be here before you know it.  LOL.  I am not exactly sure why these next few months seem to fly right by me, but I know they will.  So without further mumbling…..let me introduce our Pumpkin Party Dress.



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Once again I have to say that I will only make “cute” Halloween designs.  I don’t like anything scary, and these pumpkins are exactly what I like to see on girls, toddlers, and babies.  The dress has an elasticized back, and no sashes.  It does have flutters, which can easily be omitted for those of you who will need to dress their daughters in sweaters during this season.  Lucky you.  In our case, Olivia will most likely wear this with a t-shirt or her white peasant blouse, which is also available on our site.  Pair it up with our black denim ruffled pants or a pair of black leggings.  The necklace and flower accessory are sold seperately.

Stay tuned for some more Halloween dresses coming your way this weekend.