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I don’t do Halloween.  Before I had kids, my door was full of pretty wreaths, scarecrows, and mums.  Now, I have spider webs, skeletons, ghosts and tombstones, and I am no longer the one that decorates.  My kids do everything by themselves.  I get to hand out candy, and seeing all the creative costumes,  but I still don’t like scary  movies, or haunted houses.   It is just not my thing.

This explains why I don’t do Halloween dresses.  I want cute Halloween prints, like the one I posted in the pictures above.   Cute, cute, cute!!! Love the polka dot pumpkins and cats.  There is just one problem.  I cannot remember where I bought this print or when.  Getting old you say?  or maybe just too many fabric purchases in the past.  All I  know is that I could not find it again or anything similar for that matter.

I doubt I would have made this dress for Olivia if I had not finished my orders as scheduled on Saturday.  I processed my last order for shipment on Saturday at 12:10pm, which gave me time to relax, clean house, do laundry and create.  That is when I decided to make this top.  I had so much fun.  No stress.  Just me and my TV on a Saturday night.  Of course, I asked myself throughout the entire process “Why are you making something that she will only get to wear twice?”  “Why waste your time?”.  Maybe because it is so much fun, and because I can.    No stress, just creativity and relaxation.  My kind of weekend.   Oh well, Monday is almost here, so then it is back to work.  Just thought I would show you something not shop related and pretty.

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