Camillia in Blue



Here is a gorgeous dress I made for a customer over the weekend.  As promised, I took soem pictures to show you.  I have had it listed under the CAMELIA dress (blue).  I realize that I had no pictures to post, because I was overwhelmed with so many easter orders, but here is your chance to see it up close and personally.  This was a size 5 dress on my size 2 dress form, so I apologize for the odd length.   It is still a very pretty dress, and I hope my customer will be happy with her purchase.

I have been working each and every day…..staying on schedule, so please give me at least 4 weeks to get your order to you.  I am excited about getting these dresses to all of my customers.  I have gotten lots of feedback, and it has all been positive and very thoughtful.  Love it.  Love you.

On top of all the other good news, I finally got word today that a long expected fabric order of mine was due to arrive any day now……YIPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEE!  I just love these fabrics, and I am very excited about getting them, even though I don’t have one spare moment to do anything with them.  It still feels good to know that I will have lots of pretty new things right after Easter.  LOL.


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