Charmed by Hopscotch

Yes, simply charmed by this lovely fabric.  That is what I would call it.  Little girls playing in a field of flowers.  So dainty and so cute.  Of course, I love this round collar and the way it makes the dress feel so light and fluffy.   Godets help to add lots of twirl to the dress, and it is simply a pleasure to wear.  At least that is what my kid, and my niece tell me.  This dress is available in a size 3 for immediate shipping, and otherwise it is available in sizes 12mos-6.
It is also available in white as seen here on my daughter Olivia.
Another new addition to the shop is the Hopscotch Dress.  We loved this dress last fall.
The funniest thing happened, while looking for a dress in my inventory I noticed this dress and pulled it.  It was hanging on the hanger without the blouse underneath, and it suddenly occurred to me that this dress would be perfect to wear when school starts again.  She does not have to wear the long sleeve blouse underneath this dress.  I love when I find a garment that can be worn during any time of the year.  So I photographed it, and put it up on my site.  The light pink floral print is so very pretty and so girly.  I should note that the dress was a bit short on Olivia.  I made it one size too small in length.  This dress will fall above the knee, but not as short as seen on the model.

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