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Christmas in July

August 05, 2014 1 min read


I know CRAAAAAAAAAZY right?  The last thing I want to think about right now is Christmas, but it is that time of year to think ahead, and so I must bring on the first Christmas designs.  

Most of you will recognize some of these designs from last year.  I have either replenished the fabric, or have just enough left to make a few more of last year’s designs.  For those of you who want to have pictures taken in October, I suggest an early order date.  Christmas started for me in September last year, and I assume things will be no different this year.  I have added the CHRISTMAS category to my website, and will slowly start adding designs each day until I finish.  New designs will most likely not be added until September.

On another note, I updated my LEGGINGS to reflect color swatches.  Now you can choose the size you would like, and the color, and you will see a swatch that shows exactly what you are ordering.  Of course, I am always available for any questions.