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Christmas in July

July 21, 2013 2 min read

I know exactly how you feel!  Christmas already.  YUCK !  It is still summer and the thought of icicles and frost, gifts and fa-la-la-la just really does not sit well with me either.  However, from experience I can tell you this, that orders start as early as August and usually end by October 30th due to insufficient arms.  So maybe now you can understand why it is time to talk about Christmas.

Actually I’m calling it Christmas in July.  I am in the process of listing some extras I have left over from last year, which will be marked down 10-20% for a limited time.  Then I will also list the new items (one a day) for preorders.  This will help me figure out how many sizes are needed  for each dress.  Please let me know if you want to a certain style or a certain item for this year’s Christmas line-up.  If I get asked early enough this year, I am sure I can make it happen.
The above fabrics are what I chose this year to be my Christmas fabrics, plus a few solos that I also grabbed for fun dresses.  Moda Fabrics is the one source I rely on to order the bulk of my fabrics, and Tom had these delivered in mid June right before I went on vacation.  It is called Aspen Frost, and was ordered in January believe it or not.  Their early arrival was great.  It gave me enough time to dream up and create several pieces.  I could have showed these dresses a lot earlier, but I decided to wait until Olivia returned from her vacation.  I always like to see what the dress looks like on her before I show it to you.  The colors for this line of fabrics consist of dark red, a christmas red, white, grey and a minty aqua.  Beautiful in my honest humble opinion, but just in case you want to check it out yourself, these fabrics are available in most fabric stores by now.
So tell me, do you like it? Our Nicolle Dress is available on our website