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Cinnamon Avalon Dress

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I am in love with these dresses, especially this one.  The colors are muted, and calm, and just perfect for Fall.  I will have to get Olivia to model on the white background to show you just how subtle and warm these fabrics really look when they are combined.  The pattern I used is the same as the Cranberry Avalon Dress, and she is also wearing the Tessa T-Shirt underneath the dress again.  Please see this blog post for more details.

There are some subtle differences between these dresses.  On this dress- the Cinnamon Avalon Dress –  I decided because I liked the brown print so much, I did not want to break it up.  No tiers.  I also liked the look of the creamy colored lace on the skirt.  The bodice is all one color, however I reapplied the lace and some pretty brown ribbon to add some detail and more color to the bodice.  The red bow is just a simple detail to help give the dress a “sweet” look.  I love the bows, and since I wanted this to be a more formal dress for Thanksgiving, I thought it worked well.  The bow is sewn down to the dress in four different places, so it will not move, and it won’t need to be readjusted. The dress still has an elasticized back bodice, but there is no sash.

I have two more dresses to show you from this collection, but I am not sure when that will be.  I am working on orders this week, and since Christmas orders have already started, I want to keep up with my schedule no matter what.  Oh, and don’t forget we have a GIVEAWAY that is ending this Sunday.  I already have 250 entries. I hope you are one of them, and I am wishing everyone the best of luck.