Cinnamon Avalon Peasant Blouse and Denim Ruffle Pants

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If you are wondering whether my back is killing me at this instant?  Well, your guess would be right.  LOL.  I am not used to sewing this much since Easter.  I can tell the rush is on for Christmas, and it is going to take a few days for me to get used to this pace again.  However, I  managed to finish the Thanksgiving set for Olivia, and decided to take some pictures.  I am very happy with the outcome, and I love the double elastic on the sleeve.  I will be making some more of these tops soon.  Of course, these colors are so nice and calm and just perfect for cooler weather.  Olivia was very excited about the entire outfit.  Especially the pants.  She knew I had made them for school.  Can you guess what her first question was?  “Mama, can you make these in pink?”  She is such a girl.

The Double Denim Ruffle Pants are available in the only two colors I currently have in stock, which is the PINE green and a black.  The fabric is a medium size denim fabric, so they can be worn in cooler weather.  I won’t even begin to tell you how many needles I broke on my serger, before I managed to figure out the right settings.  ARGH!!!!!!  You will also  be happy to know that I have a grey and brown on the way, but they have not arrived, so I cannot offer them yet.  As soon as I get the fabric, I will let you know.  Olivia desperately needs some pants.  She has grown an inch since August, so I am having to replace many of her winter pants.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and Happy Veteran’s Day.  We stayed at home tending to the house and garden.  I had the entire neighborhood kids over at the house playing in the backyard.  8 boys and 1 little girl.  They played for 6 hours straight.  Hide and Seek, Jumping on the trampoline, tag, and whatever other games you can think of.  Both of my kids were so tired, they almost fell asleep at the dinner table on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Our weather has been just gorgeous.  I love Fall.  The temperatures are so pleasant, and the sun has been shining every day.   Simply beautiful.  Today we finally got Olivia up on her bike without training wheels and watched her speed down the street.  It was about time, but for some reason the very thought scared her to death.  Daddy was right behind her the whole way, and together they rode their bikes for two hours.  It was a lot of fun to watch.  My little girl is growing up too fast……yes too fast.

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