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Has it really been three weeks since I last blogged?  Well normally I only skip blogging when I am on vacation, but in this case I have not attempted to write because I have been sewing and working on orders.  Christmas has started early this year, and I had a little bit of catching up to do, due to my recent tummy troubles.  Add on top of that a new school year with lots of homework and reading, and this mommy has been very busy.  I was not expecting my plate to be quite so full so early in the year already.  LOL.

So, I finally took some time to photograph a few new hats that I will be adding to my site, and to give you a sneak peak of some fabrics that I will be using for Christmas dresses.  Aren’t they beautiful?  These dresses will be classic, beautiful, and very girly.  I am very excited about showing them to you.  They will look a lot like the Holly Dress I made last year.  So stay tuned, and hopefully I will be able to introduce these lovelies before the weekend is finished.


By the way, I am almost completely out of stock on this dress (especially the green color).