Cranberry Avalon Flutter Sleeve Dress


Pattern: Millies Flutter Dress/Millie Rose Patterns

Tessa’s Knit T-Shirt/Create Kids Couture

Size: 4/5


There is just something fun about a tiered dress.  Probably because there is so much more fabric on the skirt then a straight cut skirt.  The twirl effect is magnificent.  I caught Olivia twirling in the dress, while I was playing with the settings on my camera.


And yes, she is always dancing.  As a matter of fact, she never sits still.  LOL.  I guess that explains why we have such interesting pictures.

So, this is the Cranberry Avalon Dress.  A lovely red floral print, with coordinating pink and salmon flowers, as well as green and brown tones.   I had originally wanted to put Olivia in a dark brown petal legging, but the temperatures are still around 95 degrees here in Florida.  I just could not put Olivia through that kind of torture.  Once the temps drop, I will have her model the dress with our leggings.  They are a perfect match.  I designed this dress specifically for Thanksgiving and Fall/Winter temps.

I also tried another new pattern.  I get asked all the time if I sell some of the t-shirts that Olivia wears while modeling.  My answer has always been no, because I bought them.  Last year, I spent a long time looking for a boutiquey tee, but I could not find one.   The next problem I ran into was the size range that most pattern drafters were offering.  Nowhere could I find a pattern that ran sizes from baby to preteen.  So of course, I was very happy when the ladies from Create Kids Couture offered Tessa’s Knit T-Shirt.  Although this shirt I made runs only from a size 2-8, I must say I was incredibly impressed with the pattern and the fit.   The pattern was easy to understand, and I loved how easy everything went together.  The neckband was not too big, and the petal sleeves were a perfect fit.  I was really impressed with this t-shirt, and decided to offer it in my shop.  Just click on this link to take a peek.comp2As I mentioned yesterday, I will be offering this dress as a flutter dress, or with a classic bodice.  The flutter dress will have an elasticized back.  The classic bodice will have buttons in the back.  One other thing I forgot to mention is the sash.  The dress on my daughter has a sewn in sash.  The dress shown above on the mannequin/form has regular sash, that is not sewn down to the dress.  Both options are available.  So for those of you whose daughter prefers not to have a sash, you can opt to have a seperate sash mailed along with the dress.  The choices are yours to make.

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