Cranberry Avalon Tunic

Woohoo, today was the first day of school!  It is so much fun seeing the kids all excited and ready to go.  Mommy was excited too, because I got to work uninterrupted for at least five hours…..LOL…..and yes we have another new item that was added to our shop.

It was not too long ago when I stated how excited I was about not being on a schedule, sleeping in, and spending the summer with the kids.  They have been home since the beginning of June, and by the time August rolled around, I was ready to send them off to school again.  I hope I am not the only mom that felt that way.  I mean we had a great summer.  The weather was gorgeous, and the kids spent every day outside playing with friends.  They would rush through dinner just to get back outside and play.  Do you remember doing that?  I do.  Trying to play as long as it was still light outside.  We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and they are usually in my front/back yard or in my house.  I don’t mind.  As long as I know where my kids are, I am less anxious.  However, in spite of all the fun and laughter, I definitely longed for a little peace and quiet, and not hearing the words “MOM” for a few hours.  So today was my day.  As excited as I was about their first day at school, I spent a peaceful, quiet day working…..fully focused. LOL.

The first thing I did was load our new Cranberry Avalon Tunic to our shop.  I am so in love with this new tunic, and I need to thank my customer who requested it.  If you haven’t noticed I have been working on a lot of customs lately.  I love to create new things, and I love it when my customers have such great ideas.  In this case, I was asked to create the Clementine Top with the Cranberry Avalon fabrics.  What do you think?



This is the perfect outfit for Fall.  I love the reds, greens and browns combined with creams and apricots.  I love the floral print too.  Together they are just a very pretty combination of fabrics, and I am sure that this outfit will be worn a lot.  Like I said I have added it already to my website, and you can find it HERE:[button title=”BUY HERE ” url=”” style=”small filled”]

So if you want something special made using one of my patterns, and another fabric……….just drop me a line at or join us on FB.

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