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Delivery Dates

Delivery dates are always such a big problem in this business, and I completely understand why these dilemmas exist.  So I decided to make a calendar available to my customers showing an approximate delivery date schedule.  You will find it in the navigation MENU under Policies.  Please remember that these dates are not written in stone.  I may have to reschedule, redo and push some dates around, but I think it is a good tool that will satisify both my customers and myself.  This calendar is linked to my Project Management software, and is updated every 24 hours.   I am hoping that it will cut down on the amount of emails I receive regarding when orders are being shipped, and discrepancies in estimated delivery dates.

One of the problems I ran into this season was the amount of Facebook emails I got.  I get a lot of emails.  I start my mornings off with about 100 emails, and I would say on an average I get about 200-250 a day.  Not all of them are related to my business, but it is a lot.  I don’t always recognize the names, and if your FB name is different then your paypal name then we really have problems.  I keep track of all my customers and the emails that are generated, but I do not keep track of anything on Facebook.  If you discuss sizing, delivery dates, or color with me on Facebook, then please add those notes to your order.  There is a comment section in every order form, and if you have registered with my website, then you can sign in at anytime and add a note .  My Order system will notify me.  I can do a search on private emails, but I cannot search through Facebook.  Plain and simple, Facebook is not where I do business.  My email address is everywhere and you can write me at anytime (  I just hope this calendar will be a welcome tool for both me and you.