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Dolly Style

November 08, 2013 2 min read

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Someone sent me a message yesterday on FACEBOOK (yes that would be you Holly) stating that I needed to make matching Doll Dresses.  Well….duh?  Of course, with Christmas right around the corner, I know that on the last three nights before Christmas Eve, I am going to be sewing pi’s and doll dresses for Olivia.   The great thing about making dolly dresses is that they don’t take more then 90 minutes, and sometimes even less.  In this case, I sort of had to make up a pattern, so of course it was a bit more time-consuming.  Nonetheless, doll dresses are great evening projects, and a great way to dispose of scraps, and lord knows I have a ton of them.

So here is what I did.  I decided to use a long-sleeve knit pattern from Ellie Inspired.  It is her Mini-Elsie Marley pattern.  It was a great basic pattern, so why not try it.  I realize now that it was not a t-shirt pattern, and probably much wider then I needed it to be, but it worked out great.  I am going to take a look at the rest of her patterns, and see if I can find a better more suitable pattern to use as the top.  I had to shorten the arms by 1 inch, and next time I will shorten them by 2 inches.  I also cut out the neckline so it was a bit lower.  I am not 100% sure I recommend it.  The shirt is not tight fitting, so I may try something else if I can something.  However, remember this dress has a sash.  I did not sew the sash down to the knit, as in my original design.  Instead I just tied the sash around the waist.  I cut a piece of fabric 3″x30″ wide, and folded it in half and made the sash.  Since the print on the skirt is so big, I decided not to chop it in three pieces.   The skirt measured 28″x6″.  To make life easier for me, I just added a green bias strip of fabric around the skirt.   I did run into one problem when making the petal sleeves.  The sleeves were much too wide, so I altered the pattern, and cut off some of the width at the cuff.  The sleeve measured 2″ when I finished.  So I made a circle pattern with a 1″ diameter.  Since doll clothes are so small, do not serge the arms together until you have the petals attached.  If you do, you will regret it.  Ask me how I know.    Next time I will widen the petals and make the sleeve shorter.  I like that look better.

No matter what, Olivia has a new doll dress, and I had some fun Thursday evening while DH watched football.  Try it.  I am going to offer this dress with the Katja Dress.  Just look for the size DOLL.  Maybe I will even try to make a matching hat.  That sounds like fun too.