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Easter Break

Wow, I had a great three day weekend with the family.  It was wonderful, and I spent almost no time at all on the computer, or in my sewing room.  On Thursday afternoon, I turned off the lights, and walked away from the job.  

Well, even if I had wanted to spend my time sewing, the kids had me going all weekend long.  On Thursday morning, I was a volunteer for Olivia’s class.  The weather was gorgeous, and it was the first event I participated in all year.  I know that sounds awful, but Daddy is always there for her if mommy could not find the time.  They combined a field trip with an Easter Egg Hunt, and the kids had a blast.  Relay Races, games, playground, and an Easter Hunt.  Quite the fun morning.
The afternoon was spent working again, and once everything was finished, I relaxed in the Living Room with the kids watching a Disney movie.  I was so exhausted, I could barely move.  LOL.
Friday, we spent all day on the road running errands.  Grocery shopping, Toys R Us, playground, and I arrived home just in time to start cooking dinner.  On Saturday the kids were invited to another Easter Hunt.  This time the Egg Hunt was hosted by our little town, and it turned out to be quite the large event.  I could not believe how many eggs were laying in the baseball field.  The kids had so much fun playing with friends, having their faces painted, jumping in the bouncy houses, and of course running around collecting eggs.  Olivia wore her Easter dress, and  I was so happy that I finished it that very same morning.   She chose her own fabrics, and I ended up merging the classic bodice with the bunny fabric she adored.  My son on the other hand, changed clothing as soon as he got there, claiming that he could not play in his good clothes.  LoL.
So as you can see my weekend was far from being relaxing.  I know most moms can probably relate to this.  All I could think about doing this weekend was watching a good movie, taking a nice long hot bath, and possibly doing a bit of shopping by myself.  HA!  The joke was on me.  Nevertheless, I was happy to spend most of my Sunday in the kitchen, and finishing up all the laundry that had accumulated over the last two weeks.  It felt good to be back to normal again, and to do what mommy was supposed to do.
Today I am looking forward to a well-balanced day.  I have lots of work that still needs to be done, new designs that need to be finished, surprises, and new pictures that will be coming up soon.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as we did.  What can be more important then spending it with the ones you love?