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September 04, 2014 2 min read

Wow, it seems like I have one new item after another right now……but this one is a custom for a customer that wanted the skirt and turquoise knit bodice combined.  The details were left up to me.

My friends often tell me that I overthink things…….well maybe they are right.  It took me about four hours to figure out what I was going to do with these two fabrics, but in the end I was very happy and that is all that counts.  The problem is not finding fabrics to match.  Oh no, that would be too easy.  The problem is finding too many beautiful combinations.  Yes, it takes time.  I cannot create something in two minutes.  It is just not my style.   When I finally had it all figured out,  my husband burst into my sewing room, and said “Nope.  Orange would be better!”  Oh no.  I did not even try the orange.  Of course, I had to try orange, because what if?????????  What if it looked much better with orange….LOL.IMG_0643

Here are my two versions….red on the right….orange on the left.   I stuck to my original hunch, and with the help of several ladies on facebook everyone agreed.  LOL.  Like I said I was very happy with final result, and knew this was going to be a beautiful dress.





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The sneakers are from Kohl’s.  I have seen them advertising Converse sneakers for girls throughout the last week on TV.  When I looked, they had no more stock left in Olivia’s size, but they still had some sizes left.  I would grab them.  What a wonderful color and they match to so many things.

The customer decided on the pink and orange version of the dress, which means I will be making the other dress.  I will be sure to show it to you as soon as I finish.