Finding old gems



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I realize that I probably have a fuller closet of clothes for my daughter then most, but I had no idea that I had some hidden gems hiding in there as well.  LOL.  Olivia found this one –Aqua Dahlia Knot Dress – , and immediately told me that she wanted to wear this dress on the first day of school.  I laughed, because I had completely forgotten about this dress.  To make matters worse, I realized that I had not listed this dress since I closed my ETSY shop down last year in September.   Shame on me.

This is truly a beautiful dress, and I apologize for the pictures, because they really do not do this dress any justice.  The weather has been grey and rainy almost every day since our return from California.  Very depressing for both me and the kids.  We are used to being outside and playing in the pool, but this year we have spent most of our summer vacation inside.  What a shame.  The background on these pictures is supposed to be white, which just goes to show you how grey our skies really are.

The colors are vibrant, but the pinks are soft and almost salmon in color.  I tried my best to get the colors to be accurate.  You will just have to trust me when I say the combination of colors is really very beautiful.  I love the white embroidered lace on the bodice.  In this case, the straps are knots but they can easily be changed to include buttons.  The choice is yours.

On another note, tonight we introduced ourselves to Olivia’s 1st grade teacher.  It is always so nice to meet up with people that I have known since Nicolas first went to Kindergarten.  I am so happy that both of the kids will be getting great teachers.  I think it will be  a fun year.  Olivia wore the DARLA dress tonight, which is what she wore last year for the first day of school.   I am so proud of my little princess.


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