Flower Sugar Baby Romper





Believe it or not I ordered this fabric in February!  Of course it just showed up at my doorstep, and as usual Lecien does not disappoint.  This fantastic japanese print just gets lovelier each year.  The colors are vibrant and bright and so pretty.  After finishing up my orders for the day, I cut out the pattern, and put it together.  The kids and DH were all very content watching tv, so what was this mommy to do? I decided to make the smallest size in this pattern which is NB.  I swear the entire outfit from shoulder to crotch is no more then 10″-11″.  It is soooooooooooooo cute.  LOL.  I should have held a ruler next to the outfit when I photographed it, so you could see how tiny it really is.  In my opinion, it is the perfect size NB.  Olivia was a 6pound baby girl, and I had the hardest time finding cute clothing for her.  This little romper would have been perfect.

The Flower Sugar Baby Romper is available on my site in sizes NB, 0-3mos., 3-6mos., 6-12mos., 12-18mos., 18-24mos.  I have a size NB that is available for immediate shipping, so if you need a baby gift or are expecting a little girl in the near future, this is the perfect little handmade heirloom piece you want hanging in your girls closet.  Be sure to join me on FACEBOOK when I offer this romper in various different sizes.

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