Fun Fall Stuff….

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Blooms Skirt and Matching T-Shirt with Applique

We finally found a free moment to take some pictures of the other skirts that are ready to be sold at Kinder Kouture.  As you know, my daughter loves to wear skirts, and I find them to be the perfect accessory for the FALL temps.  The mornings are cool, and our afternoons are warm.  So when we pick out a skirt, we also wear a pair of capris leggings early in the morning.

The Blooms skirt looks great with her denim jacket, and the t-shirt looks great with both her jacket and a pair of jeans.  The skirt can be worn with sneakers, ballet flats, or boots.   I like to invest in clothing that is so versatile.  Every week you can have a new outfit.  Today we took a walk with the dog, and I decided to grab my camera and snap some pictures, and get this cute duo up on my site.  Fun stuff.  I will show you the other skirts throughout the week.

Have a great day and enjoy the weather!


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