Hi Everyone.  I just wanted to say a quick hello and wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER.  We finished up the last Easter Dress yesterday, and we are so happy to announce that this year has been a complete success.  We were also happy to see that almost everyone mailed in measurements this season.  Thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to read about what we do, and how we do it.  Our success with custom made boutique items guarantees a good fit, and a good relationship for years to come.   I for one, am constantly seeking to build relationships with my customers and assist in anyway possible.  I am looking forward to seeing a lot of Easter pictures, and we may just have a contest for the best pictures.

We will be taking a week of vacation from April 6th-10th.  Hopefully, we will relax a little, design a little, relax a little and design a little.    I am so excited about Summer.   I long for long sunny days, white sand between my toes, and the aqua blue color of the ocean and the sky.  It’s been a long and cold winter, and I for one cannot wait to just open the windows and breathe.  So stay tuned for more posts on new designs and goodies.  We have lots of new fabrics, and great ideas for the summer months.  If you have any ideas you would like to share, feel free to let me know.

I also wanted to take a brief moment of your time to discuss something that I get asked on a daily basis, and that is…….Does Kinder Kouture have a BST page or Buy-Sell-Trade page?  The answer is No.

I gather many of you may think of me as being somewhat stingy or inconsiderate because I do not want a BST (Buy, Sell or Trade) page, but believe me when I say I do have my reasons for not jumping on the bandwagon.   First of all, I can barely find the time now to keep up with the blogging, FB, photography, website and then my sewing.  LOL.  The other reason is actually quite simple, I have not heard anything good.   I spend almost every night before going to bed, reading up on business articles, SAHM enterpreneurs and marketing newsletters.  I also belong to many groups including some which only represent boutique owners, sewers, and or BST sellers.  I decided back in September 2014 to just sit back and watch carefully what happens to the BST pages, and allow the market to dictate whether such a group would benefit my business and my customers.  I realize some of you may have had some luck selling and trading dresses in these groups, but I see only the BUYER BEWARE notices constantly jumping out at me.

I sell very few Ready-to-Ship items.  Most of our items are custom.  When a customer orders a dress in a size 5, but requests that the chest measurement matches her daughter’s (a size 4) and the length is 2inches longer then a size 5, do I really want to sell this dress again?  Well it happens, and I have had numerous complaints from buyers regarding this type of situation.  We specialize in custom made dresses.   So be careful before you buy.  You may think you are getting a size 5, but in reality it may just be a 4-5-6.  Then there are numerous complaints of scammers posting a picture of a dress, and never mailing it.   Say goodbye to $50, $75 or $125.  The lists of scammers is gigantic and very frightening.  I have also seen many complaints about items being sold as new, but will arrive with stains.  The list goes on and on.  I do not want to get involved in this type of activity and hopefully my wishes will be respected.   I also do not want customers asking what I can do to help them.  My advice would be to stay away from these transactions unless you know the seller, and have measurements.  I would also advise to pay through paypal, which means that you have some insurance if your parcel does not arrive, or the product is not what you expected.    In any case…..BE CAREFUL.  Any type of online transaction can be shady, but there are also lots of tools out there to help you make the right decisions.

I hope everyone has a happy and lovely EASTER DAY.  Enjoy.



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