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Happy New Year


Just wanted to take a quick moment and wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I am sure most of you had a wonderful time with family friends, and yes so did I.  The kids get more and more excited each year to stay up and sip the “shampoo” (Olivia’s way of saying champagne).

I am especially excited about 2014 and all the pretty things I will be showing you.  My mom and I will try and offer some more hats to those of you who have had requests.  New fabrics, new colors and new styles.  EXCITEMENT is what I call it!

So here’s to you and 2014!

I wish all of you a HAPPY, HEALTHY and above all else WEALTHY NEW YEAR.  LOL.

here are some newly listed items to view in our shop….

April Dress

Margarita Dress

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