Happy Thanksgiving


IMG_0675I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weekend with family and friends.  We had a quiet but very relaxing day.  I am so happy that a holiday exists in which we get a chance to reflect upon all the wonderful things that effect our daily lives  and for which we are, or should be thankful.  It truly is a good thing.  Of course, the food and company are great too, aren’t they?

My husband made that wonderful turkey.  Ever since we have been married, he has taken total control over the kitchen on Thanksgiving.  I am only responsible for the finishing touches and the decorations.  As a matter of fact, I don’t even attempt to walk through the kitchen once he starts cooking.  LOL.  He is like a mother hen and who am I to complain, right?   Although we were alone this year with the kids, I always make it a point to decorate our dining table with our best china,  and silver.  The older the kids get, the more they seem to welcome all the “pretty” details.  As a matter of fact, this year the kids got dressed up, and helped  with the decorations, and they finished everything on their plates without so much as a “yuck”.

I have to be honest……I enjoyed my break from sewing.  It was both mentally and physically very relaxing, especially with all the late night sewing marathons that I have had over the last two weeks.   However, I could not go to bed without taking a moment to thank all of my customers for their continuous support, warmth and friendship.  Our little company has existed for five years, and without you this would not be possible.  I am very grateful that so many of you have been there for our family over the years, and that because of you I have been given the chance to do what I love for so long.  I am reminded of this good fortune many times over the years, but especially on this day.  THANK YOU!

So with that in mind, I hope everyone enjoys the shopping this weekend.  Christmas is approaching much too fast.  I will be home finishing up some Nicolle Dresses, so you know where to find me……

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