I’ve hit a stone wall as far as my blog is concerned.  My blog has always been a  personal journal for me.  A stepping stone into a world of motherhood, and yes homemaking, as well as a notebook for all of my sewing endeavors.  However, lately I find myself trying to run my blog like a business, and concentrate only on my sewing.  Maybe it is time for something new, or something old again.  I will explain that in a minute.  I have an urge to blog about the woman behind the business, the ups and downs of motherhood, and all the other great things that I  encounter in my day-to-day life.   So I decided to break my blog up into three seperate categories – Homemaking , Sewing and Boutique Fashion.

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I started blogging over 12 years ago, and it was a lot of fun.  I remember having my blog printed, because it was a journal of sorts of my first born child.  That blog is long gone, but I still have my printed copy, and I enjoy looking at it every once and awhile.  I thought the definition of a homemaker was sort of fun.  Yes, I am a homemaker.  I work in the home all the time.  More then I care to admit sometimes (like during the holiday rush……..).   So why not set up a “HOMEMAKER” category to discuss anything and everything I encounter in the home.   I love to find beautiful things and quotes.  I love to share, and I am a bit old-fashion in a sort of a modern way.  I always worry about my children, and whether I am  doing a good job in raising them.  A blog is great place to share those worries and get good advice from others.   Once you know you are not alone with these problems, the world seems like a better place.  That is what I want, and of course to be more like my mother for whom I dedicate this quote I found yesterday.

“An ideal homemaker is lovely to look at and lovely to be around–she has a wholesome attitude and a pleasing appearance. She has the courage to be happy and strives to live above the faults of moodiness, sulkiness, and complaining. She is gracious and thoughtful and is consequently adored by her family and admired by all who know her.”

—Daryl V. Hoole

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