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Hoot Hoot said the owl…..

September 02, 2013 2 min read






I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day Weekend.  Isn’t it nice to have three days off a week.  I wish we could do this once a month.  LOL.  Even though our family stayed at home – mostly due to the weather again – yes I am getting sick of it too – we all enjoy spending time together, and as far as I am concerned that is all that counts.  Olivia and I enjoyed our first “Mommy and Daughter” Shopping day.  That was a lot of fun!  I bought her some earrings, and a pair of shoes.  We looked at clothes, and said next weekend we were going to go buy some fabric.  We also taught – or tried to teach her how to ride her bike without training wheels.  Believe it or not she is quite scared of trying anything new.  One or two more attempts and she will get it.  My son always has many of his friends come by during the day, so he stays busy with them.  Everyone enjoyed a nice relaxing long weekend around here, and that feels really good.

Yes, I even got some sewing done.  Actually, I got a lot of sewing done.  The dress, yes the dress.  For months I have been wanting to try a knit/cotton fabric combo, and this weekend I found the peace and quiet to go at it.  It was actually quite easy.  I had to play a bit with tension control, stitch settings, and my coverstitchesh, but I was very happy with the results.  As a matter of fact, I decided to make three of these dresses – sizes 2, 5 and 6 – since I had so much fun making it the first time..

IMG_0409 IMG_0396[pinit]

I decided to use some of the knits from Riley Blake, which arrived two weeks ago.  The quality as I said before is wonderful. The key to making a dress like this is finding a great t-shirt pattern.  In this case, I used Zinnia from Lily Giggles.  I just love the 3/4 length petal sleeve.  It is not too long, and not too short.  The owl fabric is full of color and design, so that gave me lots of options.  Don’t laugh but Olivia helped me pick out the matching fabrics.  She wanted lots of color, and loves the orange bird fabric on the sash.

So, I will be adding this dress to my shop sometime today.  I could not think of a name, and as usual the FACEBOOK crowd does a wonderful job helping me out with names.