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Introducing Candi

August 08, 2013 2 min read


Oh, I am soooooooooo excited about this one.  Thank goodness the sun was shining today, and we finally got a chance to take some pictures.  I needed the colors to be just perfect or else I did not want to show it.  So isn’t it adorable?  I am so in love with this dress.  I am naming it Candi.


This is a new pattern called Millie’s Flutter Dress from Melissa Crow Meyers or Millie Rose Patterns.  You can purchase the pattern in her ETSY shop here.  The first  thing you will notice when you visit her shop is the beautiful dresses her daughter is wearing.  I love it.  So of course, I bought the pattern, and could not wait to try it.  I have many patterns to show, but finding the time is another completely different matter.  Anyways, the instructions were easy to read, and easy to follow.  Lots of pictures helped guide me in making this dress.  Whenever I make a new pattern, I do try and stick to whatever the author writes.  Believe it or not, I usually learn a thing or two.  I loved the fact that the flutter was a single layer of fabric.  It was not so heavy, which helped give it a better shape.   The length of the shoulder strap was perfect.  I have made several flutter sleeve patterns in the past, and I usually have to shorten the elastic, because I find it too long.   The fit was perfect.  I made a size 4 for Olivia, which always fits her perfectly in the chest.  The length as you can see was a wee bit short.  Not that it bothered Olivia or myself.    She usually wears shorts under her dresses no matter what length  the dress is.   I love the whole baby doll dress look.  I just think at this age, they can still get away with wearing the shorter dresses, so why shouldn’t they. Right?  I definitely give this pattern a thumbs up.


We bought this cute lollipop Christmas decoration today at Hobby Lobby.  I just could not help myself.  I knew it would match perfectly to this dress.  LOL.  Of course Olivia wants it in her room at Christmas time with all the other pink decorations (we did not buy) they had at the store.  I really want to make a Christmas dress to match this lollipop, but no luck yet on finding a pink Xmas fabric.