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Introducing Madeline…..




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So this dress actually has a funny little story behind it.  The dress was an oops.  Yup a big oops…..and to be honest it was my second oops.  I laugh about it now, but it really bothered me all day yesterday.  You see I don’t work well under pressure, and this dress was the final straw that made me come to realize that I cannot do deadlines.  No, this girl is not a pressure cooker.  Sewing is supposed to be relaxing and spiritually uplifting.  However, the moment I have a deadline that is not being met, I just mess up everything.

Last week, I had nothing but deadlines.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and yes siree…Saturday.  Our post office closes at 3PM, so there is not a large window to get things done.  However, I managed to meet all of the deadlines except this dress.  It was a special request for another Father/Daughter dance.  She ordered it awhile ago, and mentioned a conversation we had on FB.  Well, I looked at the wrong picture, and chose the wrong fabrics.  Then I did not like the first dress I put together, and decided this was going to be a much prettier design.  So I threw one dress in the corner, and started on my second.  I knew I was going to have to pay for an overnight package.  That was no surprise to me, but when I realized that the client was talking about this dress, I almost fainted.IMG_4895

I made the Madeline dress in Olivia’s size, because I planned on taking pictures and putting it up in my shop.  I thought it was very pretty.  Once I realized my mistake, I quickly sent her the pictures of Olivia, and asked her whether she still wanted me to make the other dress.  I knew I could still get it done.  I was disappointed, but I would feel much worse sending a dress to someone that they did not want.  Thank goodness, she said her daughter loved the dress.   So all went well.

This morning I had another rush order.  My last one.  I have made this item over and over again over the last few years, but this morning I put the neckline on backwards three times.  So you see what I mean.  The moment I rush, the moment I panic, I mess up.  Or maybe I am just human like everyone else.  LOL.  I definitely have days where my seam ripper is my best friend.