It’s a Bows life

2010 First Big Bow Dress

If you are one of those customers, who has asked “Where did you buy that pattern?” then you may know by now that I have a history of redesigning and hacking some of my favorite patterns.  One of them included an A-line dress.

I loved to make A-line dresses for my daughter while she was growing up.     These dresses are just easy to slip on and off a child.    Nobody ever saw the carrot spots underneath our A-line dresses.  I had it all covered (up).  Whether she walked around barefoot in the front yard, or got ready to go on a shopping spree with mommy, our A-lines dresses were our go-to dress all the time.

So when I started Kinder Kouture, I stuck to my most favorite patterns and included some minor design changes.   In this case,  I wanted  a bit more color, a bit more twirl, and something else……like a bow.    Who does not love bows? It is just a girly thing, and I love the design.   Since 2010, we have had this design on our website, and we won’t stop now.   The Big Bow Dress still has a comfortable fit, and it is still beautiful to look at.  What else?  It can be made in any color or fabric combination to suit your style and preference.    Take a look……



This is our bestselling Baby Rose Dress in both blue and pink.


The pink version is our most “liked”, most “pinned” and most visited item on our website.  I love this dress too, but we have sold out of all the fabric.  (tears)

Fortunately, we decided to make a similar dress in a similar fabric, and recreate this gorgeous dress all over again.  So DRUMROLL please……..

Here is our new BABY ROSE DRESS.  It is a beautiful print, and I hope you like it.  Just remember, this design will forever be on our website.  If you love it, but prefer other fabrics, just send me an email:  I am sure we can find something you want.

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