Last Nicolle Skirt

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Here is the last skirt, finally…..the NICOLLE SKIRT (AQUA).  I did not think we were going to beat the weather, since pop up showers occur here in the afternoon, but we did.  I must say I am incredibly fond of skirts this season.  Maybe it has something to do with her age, although I doubt it, since she has been wearing skirts since she was 2 years old.  I like the fact that a skirt can be so versatile.  Depending on what shoes you wear, and what kind of top, a skirt can look different every time.  For instance this skirt worn with a white blouse, and a lovely black angora sweater would look so elegant.  The T-shirt dresses it down a bit.  Wear the skirt with ballerina flats, or boots.   I tried to photograph Olivia in both shoes and boots to show you the different look (still looking for a pair of black ballerinas…..SIGH).


The aqua print has a lot of grey, and would look lovely with a dark pair of leggings.  The fabric that was used in the bow is called a crosshatch design.  This basically means that there are parallel lines of grey and black within the red background.  It is a perfect match for the Christmas print.   So is the black border along the hem, which also has a modern design in grey.  Very pretty.



Some other important news I have to share is that I decided to do another GIVEAWAY.  YEAH, right? The prize will be a NICOLLE skirt in any color of your choice.  It will take place on my website and not on FACEBOOK.  I will make the announcement here on my blog, this weekend….. so stay tuned.  I hope you will join me.

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