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Laurel Skirt Modeled

August 05, 2013 2 min read


 I know my blog is showing summer and then Fall, and then winter…..LOL…..what can I say?  I am trying to do so many “mommy” things, and combined with work, my brain just is not working right now.  In any case, after finishing a dress this morning, Olivia came to me whining because she was bored.  I snatched her up from the chair, and grabbed the closest thing to me that needed modeling, and this is what we got.  She has not whined since then, so I guess I helped her get over her boredom.  Anyways,  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line of fabrics for FALL.  I am so excited about the colors.  I have a knot dress in the works with a new pattern, so be patient and I will be showing that off pretty soon.

This is the Laurel Skirt.   Olivia is modeling a size too small for her long legs, but on the other hand I just love the short dresses that you see on the cover of the old patterns and/or 1950 McCall Magazines, so we tried it on and liked it.  I love to look at old vintage patterns.    I am hoping that the shortness of the skirt is not too noticeable in the pictures I took, but I thought I should just be honest with you.  This is a size 3 and Olivia wears a size 4.  Oops. Now if only I could get her feet to stop growing.   She had a hard time getting these boots on. They are my favorite, and  brown boots are  so hard to find, especially nice ones.  We used these for two years, and she loved them just as much as I did.  Oh well I got a lot of use out of them.



Tomorrow we will be doing another model shoot when the weather  is hopefully not so hot, and I can get her to wear a sweater.  At the moment, I have a house full of kids, and a sleepover planned for tonight.  So I am off to do some more mommy things, and hopefully they will all be good tonight, so I can finish another dress.