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Lazy Days

July 24, 2013 2 min read

Ok, I will admit that I had to take a break from the Christmas stuff…… Are you laughing with me?  Well that is only half of the truth.    I am not sure whether you listen to the weather reports, but we are getting way too much rain this summer in Florida.  We have already received +14inches this month.   Needless to say, it has been really hard to schedule any photography sessions outside.  The field we usually visit is flooded, and Olivia was attacked by mosquitos the other day.  So we decided to give it a rest until things dry up.   I will definitely spray her next time we go, and you can laugh if you see her wearing rain boots.

I decided instead to show you a few things that I have prepared for Back-to-School.  This cute LAZY DAY top is soooooo pretty.  I just love these fabrics from Riley Blake, and believe it or not I used an old pattern that for some reason I forgot existed.  It is called Simply Sweet Tops and Dresses by the Scientific Seamstress.  The pattern was easy to follow and very simple to put together.  Many of the patterns I use come from the Scientific Seamstress, so I trust her measurements.  I added a few things here and there to make this top even better.  I added the side seam sash, since the top may need some tightening if the child wears it without a t-shirt.  I also added a binding at the bottom hem instead of a ruffle.  I wanted the top to be a bit shorter.  The flutter sleeves are part of the pattern, and my goodness they are soooo adorable.  I will try and get Olivia to model tomorrow, since we only have a 20% chance for rain.   I will keep my fingers crossed.