Let the fireworks begin.

Introducing our July 4th LAUREN DRESS.

As promised to both my daughter (age 10) and my customers, we set out to design something for the preteen.  It had to be cute, simple, and of course very pretty.  Not hard to do when you are working with such a lovely fabric.  In this case, I gave my daughter three pattern options, and she chose the Violette Fields Lauren pattern, which comes in all kinds of sizes ranging from NB-10.  It is the first time I used this pattern, but I must say it fit like a glove, and I did not have to change the length.  Perfect.


The front bodice is adorned with white eyelet lace tucked away in pintucks.  The straps are thin spaghetti straps, and the back is elasticized.  We included a little 2″ ruffle in seersucker to keep the dress nice and light and airy.

Of course, we worked on matching headbands and hair clips this weekend.  You can decide on what you would like, but there is a wide range of choices.  We like to use them with ponytails, as well as headbands.


Thanks so much for visiting Kinder Kouture.  We will be showing more pictures as the days go by……including a cute set of beautiful jean shorts with a cute summer top, baby ruffle pants and tops, and so much more….So stay tuned.

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