Lily Dress (Pink)


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Once again, I will have to apologize for the pictures.  According to my phone app, I was told we would have warm temperatures, and a little bit of sunshine today between the hours of 2-3PM.  So I planned.  I got everything ready, but guess what?  No sun, which means not a lot of light, which means a lot of editing.  I don’t like that.  I dont have the time, so I hope these pictures are good enough to see the overall colors and prints.   I may have to redo some of these pictures in the near future when I have more time.


I really really love this dress.  I love the vintage feel of this dress, along with the fabrics and the colors. It is perfect for Easter. The original pattern only came in sizes 1-5, and once again I was not happy with the measurement chart.   So Sunday night, while my husband was busy watching football (of course), I revamped a favorite pattern of mine to make this dress.  As you can see, it fit perfectly.  I have used many patterns from Olabehle in the past, and am always satisified with the fit.   Of course, this also allows me to offer more sizes (1-10).   So although, I made it for larger sizes, I honestly thought that this pattern was going to be too much for pre-teen girls.  All those ruffles on the shoulder.  I just could not envision it.  However, we tried the dress on one evening, and I immediately fell in love with it.  I was wrong.   Olivia felt like a little princess, and she looked so adorable.  The dress was perfect.  I was so pleased.  As you can tell, I opted not to add a ton of frou-frou.  No ruffles at the hem.  Just a small binding at the hem, and of course a large bow in the back.


The prints from Tanya Whelan are beautiful, and everything coordinates so well.  I intend on making a short and top set out of this fabric too if I have any left at the end of EASTER.  LOL.  I have one more color to show and that is the aqua blue, which is a gorgeous sky blue.   I think the blue will sell well for anyone that has a little boy.  I will be making matching ties in the ginham prints.  I think that will be pretty.

Hope everyone likes the dress and I have to get back to work.

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