Lily Modeled

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There really isn’t that much to say…….just a lot to see.  We obviously had a busy weekend.  The sun was shining, and we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and stayed outside for most of the day. We  finally modeled most of the dresses that were completed.  Olivia really was tired of it by Monday, and welcomed the cloudy skies.  Me too.  I fell into bed on Monday evening early, utterly exhausted, and feeling like a cold was taking over.    It is most likely allergies, LOL.  I feel like we have been trapped indoors for weeks now.  Seeing the sun was a wonderful change……a refreshing one too.

This is the LILY Dress modeled.  I decided to add the pink ruffled hem to show a bit more color.  The dress can be sewn with or without the pink ruffle. The choice as always is yours.  I just love this dress with the big bow in the back.  Very pretty.  The blue dress is finished too, but it will have to wait to be seen for a few more days.   Our Monday planned photo shoot had to be rescheduled due to cloudy skies and chilly weather.  The weatherman got it wrong…….again.  After spending all weekend taking pictures and then editing them, I am glad to announce that I have hired a photographer to help KINDERKOUTURE in the future.  I love photography more then I can tell you, but I have made my choice to sew clothing.  Doing everything for this business is not reasonable, and it was time to make a change.  It is not easy for me choosing a photographer.  I am rather picky.  I receive at least one email a week from fellow photographers  offering their services for a trade, and I welcome each and every one of them.  I finally decided to make an arrangement with JAMIE SCOTT PHOTOGRAPHY to allow her to take care of my pictures.  She has many beautiful models and her photography is wonderful.  Her style is very similiar to mine, and she does this for a living.  I will still take pics of Olivia, but especially during the busy seasons like Easter and Christmas, I will enjoy the fact that I have one less thing to worry about.


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