Love Bird Dress


Introducing the Love Bird Dress.

Inspired by an australian pattern, I decided to make a similiar dress with my own touches.  I am not too fond of putting zippers in baby clothing.  I am sort of an old-fashion heirloom sewist.  A zipper pull on a baby’s skin just does not sit too well with me, and honestly I don’t remember any clothing for Olivia that had zippers.  Anyways, I am not fond of the idea, so I adapted a favorite pattern of mine to include small petite buttons as a closure in the back of the dress.  I also got to take my time, and implement several other techniques that I learned in classes years ago .  I made sure to reinforce the neckline with some understitching to keep the ruffles from standing up.  I implemented a 3 inch hem and no topstitching along the hemline.  All kinds of goodies.  The dress you see above is a size 12mos. and it is ready-to-ship.  I will be working on another dress soon for Olivia to model, but with the current weather situation, it may be awhile until she can get outside to model.  We have a HARD FREEZE warning for the next four days in Florida.  Can you believe that?  In the meantime, I hope this will d0.  I have also made it a goal of mine to offer more baby items this year.  I find that since Olivia has grown up, I am having a harder time attracting customers for the smaller sizes.  Let’s see if this will work.

The dress also comes in a pink print .  Lovely isn’t it.  I will be offering this dress as well as soon as things get back to normal around here.  I am so very happy to be sending the entire family out the door tomorrow morning.  I miss our routines, and my quiet time.  LOL.Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 3.01.48 PM

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