Mirabella Flutter….and updates

As promised, I finished up the second dress and although this is one is very colorful, I am madly in love with this fabric combination.  The fabrics by the way, are from the Miss Kate line newly released from Moda United Notions, and designed by Bonnie & Camille, one of my favorite designers.IMG_2209

[button title=”Mirabella Flutter Dress” url=”http://www.kinderkoutureclothing.com/product/mirabella-flutter-dress/” style=”big filled”]

You probably recognize the pattern as being the Hummingbird dress.  Yes, you are correct.  I made a few minor changes to it, but in general I kept to the pattern instructions.  It went together very well, and she even includes instructions for the flutter sleeve.  I have seen this dress layered over t-shirts and peasant blouses, so I know it will work well in the Fall months for both the southern and northern states.  I especially like the back of this pattern, which includes an elasticized back bodice, and the fact that the shoulder straps are sewn down.


I apologize for the fact that I have been blogging less and less each day.  It seems like everything is constantly changing in this business, and in order to bring in the new business we either have to pay a lot of money, or do a lot of self-advertisement.   I should hire a virtual assistant to help me keep up with all the posting I do on FB, Pinterest, Instagram and my website.  I try my best to have a set amount of hours for sewing each day, and a set amount for admin work.  I am incredibly grateful for having found someone to help me sew.  At the moment our turnaround time is 3 weeks between the two of us.  If I were doing it all by myself, it would be six weeks.  I assume things will get worse once we release our new Halloween and Christmas designs, but in the meantime things are going very smoothly.  Just the way I like it.

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