Mommy Vacation

As strange as it may seem – and believe me I always get a strange look about this – every year my husband and I each take separate vacations.  LOL.  I promise you that we are happily married, but when it comes to vacation, both of us want to visit our families.  His family lives on one coast, and my family lives on the other.   So we split up.  Do I mind?  No of course not.  Let me tell you why!

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I get a real vacation… kids, no husband.  Just me and the dog at home all by myself.   I actually look forward to the 1 or 2 weeks of being alone.    I plan all kinds of house projects, sewing projects, and “Me” projects.  One of the first things I do is go grocery shopping and  I buy everything my little heart desires, including some strawberry daiquiri’s, cupcakes, tenderloins, and many other goodies.  I cook anything I want without hearing the words YUCK, or “Honey, can’t we have hamburgers tonight?”  I have no deadlines, no schedules, no beds to make except my own, and very little cleaning except of course my sewing room.  I can stay up late, go to bed early and read, and sleep in.   I go shopping, I redecorate, and I rest by taking some nice hot long baths or taking a swim.  I watch whatever I want on tv, and besides doing some work for my shop, I take the time to plan what is next for Kinder Kouture.  It takes me a few days to get back into the groove of things whenever I go on vacation, but once I am there, there is no stopping me.  By the time my family returns, I am organized, the house is clean, and I feel rejuvenated.   Although I miss my husbands family, and he misses mine, we both know that this is the only way we can plan our summer vacation.  We also both know from experience that “distance does make the heart grow fonder!”.  You should try it sometime.

So now you know what I have been doing since I came back from my vacation.  I have been enjoying my “Mommy Vacation”.  On top of that,  one other very important thing has happened to me this summer.  I finally have found some much needed help for Kinder Kouture.  I am very excited to have found someone who has been sewing longer then me, and who knows how to run a business just like me.  She is an excellent seamstress, and whenever things get very busy, I will be taking advantage of her help to get these items out to you as quickly as possible.  You should see a lot of new changes around here, and I hope they will make everyone happy.  I am very excited about this new chapter in our business.


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Now that I have almost all of my orders out, I would like to introduce two new items…..The Dreamy Summer Dress and the Country Girl Ellie Halter Top with matching Bloomers.  All three items have been added to my website.  If you have any problems with my site, please be sure to drop me a line at or message me on Facebook.  I always welcome the comments.

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