More skirts…




Here is another skirt and t-shirt duo that has been added to our website.  The print you see on the skirt is the same fabric as our PICNIC skirt  (second picture) but with an aqua background.  The trim is a red and white polka dot.   The T-shirt is made out of a wonderfully soft t-shirt material.  It is appliqued with the child’s name, and is available on the same page as the skirt.  I should note that if you do not feel comfortable putting your child’s name on her t-shirt you can add other words like “pretty” or “sweet stuff” or “princess” to her t-shirt.  Isn’t that great? What I love most about this skirt is that is not seasonal at all.  My daughter can wear it all year long.  Olivia wore it to school today with a red sweater, but you can also wear it with a red hoodie, or a pink sweater.  Take your pick.  I just wanted to make sure I show you all the lovely skirts that have been added to our site.  Skirts are very popular right now, and for $30 what more can you want.



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