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More Sophia…..

April 26, 2014 1 min read

IMG_8520 IMG_8502 IMG_8535 Here are some more pictures I took of the Sophia dress.  I am so utterly excited about these fabrics.  Honestly, the pictures do not do these colors justice, which is why I wanted to take some pictures on the white background.  It is definitely a great way of seeing how vibrant and bright these colors really are.  The colors really pop with a white background. This dress is the perfect companion for a summer vacation trip with mommy and daddy.   I decided to make the bodice pretty simple with just a button closure in the back.  Olivia is getting tired of elastic grabbing her skin and prefers the classic bodice in the summertime.  Besides the preferences of my own little child, I assumed most of my clients felt the same way, since it was the Evelynwhich sold so well this year.   The Sophia dress has the same bodice as the Evelyn, and thus the same measurements.  You can find the measurements on the Product page in case you were wondering.  In either case, the classic bodice is simple and easy to put on.  I also extended the bodice somewhat to add the sash, which ties in the back of the dress. As I said in an earlier post, the Hair Bow is available in any color fabric matching any dress.  You can find the Hair Bow right HERE.