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Nicolle Skirt (Red)

August 17, 2013 1 min read

Nicolle Skirt Red




It’s another horrible rainy day here in Florida, so we had to change our plans, and take these pictures inside.  The lack of natural light, and the grey skies always means that the pictures are sort of dull.  Sorry about that.  Nevertheless, the skirt is so cute, and hopefully we will be making a matching dolly skirt soon.  Those were Olivia’s wishes.  LOL.  Without further ado…….Introducing the Red Nicolle Skirt.



The Nicolle line of Christmas products has three seperate color ways – red, white and a minty aqua.  The skirt will be available in all three colorways.  I am hoping we will get a break in the skies to take some pictures of the aqua skirt.  I will post them the next day.





I am particuliarly fond of skirts on children all ages, for many reasons.  The skirt pattern I chose has this large bow, which I think adds a cute feminine touch to the skirt.  It also adds a bit of color that is needed on the Christmas print.  Did I tell you how much I am loving these skirts?  I would love to show you how cute they look with tights and a pair of ballerina flats, but I have yet to find a pair in black.  Still looking…….




So now I am off to create the dresses.  I am having a difficult time deciding on patterns, sleeve length, etc….so just bare with me.  I need to have the time to create.  The fabrics are all combined, but decisions, decisions, decisions……Any suggestions?