Nicolle Tiered Christmas Dress

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Woke up this morning and saw the sun.  All I could think about all day was finally taking pictures…….and then wouldn’t you know it, only 10 minutes in the field, and it started raining – yes again.  No pouring.  We were stuck in the car in front of the house for almost 20 minutes, when we finally decided to make a run for it.   Both of us were soaking wet by the time we got in the door.

So this is all I got.  Sigh….but I am pretty happy with it. At least we had a reason to get into our pajamas before dinner.  LOL.  So without further ado…………Introducing the Nicolle Tiered Christmas Dress.


Anyways, besides all the rain………what do you think about the dress?  I love the Christmas print, and the aqua color has a hint of mint green to it.  The colors go together very well.  The peasant dress has long sleeves, and is always one of my best selling dresses for the Christmas season.  So I hope this dress does well.  By the way, the last Nicolle skirt that I have not shown yet, is also in this color tone, but like I said….we just could not finish the shoot as planned.  So maybe tomorrow I will get another chance.

Speaking of  chances, I have been busy adding Christmas dresses to my website.  Just click this link HERE.

You will find among all the pretty things, some new dresses and some from last year.  Please remember that the dresses from last year will be available on a first come first serve basis.  The fabric is no longer available, so I can only make a few more dresses from the leftover fabric.

More things to come, include a Symphony Dress (a musical dress of aqua tones and lined in black), a Grey and Black elegant dress, and some super cute retro prints.

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