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If you haven’t noticed, I am creating a trend on Sundays.  I am posting a new dress every Sunday.  LOL.  I like that.  I think I will make it officical.  One day a week, in which I can take the time to release my creative juices.  I must say I pondered over this little beauty for a very long time.  I  wanted to make a peasant, but I had another urge to make a classic design as well.  Frustrating when you have so many choices and so little time.    As you can see, the peasant won this race.  LOL.

You may have noticed that I really love – and I mean love – aqua fabrics.  This one has a watercolor print of roses in various different shades of pink.  It is a Michael Miller fabric.  The roses are outlined in a soft yellow, so I wanted to make the bodice yellow.  I guess I could still do that, but I loved the way this solid bubblegum pink fabric looked.   It was a perfect match.   I had many fabrics that matched, so I decided to revert to an old pattern of mine, and add layers of ruffles to the back of this dress.  I love that little bit of color that is added with the ruffles.  Perfect.  I realize that this dress is a bit bright for Easter, but nonetheless I think it is a very nice addition to Kinder Kouture.  I will post this dress to my shop as soon as it is ready.  Thanks for looking, and be sure to tell me what you think.  I love to hear from you.


This is Olivia waiting for me to take a shot.  She kept warm in between shoots.  This is my famous Russian coat.  Olivia’s words (not mine) “I never want to take this off mommy!”

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