Our Elves have been busy


Things are just crazy at Kinder Kouture in the month of December.  It is hard to tackle only one project at a time, when there is so much I want to do.  I wish I could just snap my fingers sometimes and VIOLA…….my wishes would come true.  Of course, the fun part of Christmas is doing just a little bit of everything, and feeling that Christmas joy while you are working.   I love it all – the baking, cooking, decorating, packing gifts, going shopping and the sewing.  I just wish I had more time to do it.  Of course, maybe next year, I will make a mental note to start earlier.  Anyways, this week I concentrated on decorating, so I am prepared for Christmas before it arrives.   Don’t laugh.  Two more weeks, and I have not even begun to shop.  YIKES.   It’s not easy when I have so many deadlines to meet.


My daughter always has a way of letting me know when I am working too hard and too late.  In other words, “Mom, you are not spending enough time with ME!”  She is a bundle of energy that is for sure.  This week she told me our house was not festive enough.  So we went to work.  I always try to use old christmas decorations with things I find around the house.  For instance, we had just bought this young tree to plant in the yard, however it was not looking very healthy so I grabbed it and brought it inside, put it in this beautiful red planter, and added a faux boxwood wreath.  My daughter grabbed some fake cranberries and christmas ornaments, and now we are nursing this little beauty back to health.  Pretty isn’t she? I love mixing greenery with all the Christmas decor.  It is so beautiful.


We also decorated with some broken branches from our Christmas tree  and placed them in this old pitcher, added some ivy and a large ribbon to decorate our table for guests on Saturday night.  What did we cook?  A large pot of creamy potato soup, filled with smoked sausage and topped with bacon bits.  YUM.  It was “delish”, as I was told by the kids.

Even though I wished I had more time to decorate and bake and shop……… I usually spend seven days a week sewing for Christmas celebrations throughout the months of November and December.  It is a small price to pay when I get to see pictures like this and the smiles on the pretty faces.  Doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous in her JINGLE dress?   I hope that everyone else is enjoying their magical Christmas moments with family, and please be sure to share pictures with me.


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