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Introducing another pretty Spring/Summer 2014 Ruffle Dress.  This gorgeous fabric from Tanya Whelan, is on an ivory colored background this time, with various shades of large pink roses.  It has a very vintage, girly feeling to it, and combined with the pink sash and shoulder ruffles, it makes a perfect party dress.  Available in sizes NB-10, this dress can be worn to so many important events throughout the year.  It is a must-have.


I get asked time and time again for off-white dresses from my customers.  Beach photo sessions, weddings, communions, graduations, EASTER, and the list goes on and on.  I like to have at least one neutral dress in the closet for that special occasion that requires something a little dressier.  So here it is.  The pink can be exchanged, to have a complete off white dress if you wish.  The choice is completely yours.  I can also make the sash and ruffles in a matching green print.  Very refined and very pretty.  Just send me an email at

So I spent the day asking myself whether this dress pattern is really going to be a hit like my EASTER dresses last year, and guess what?  I realize that this dress does not accomodate a sweater or coat very easily.  At least not without hiding all the important details.  This creates a problem for most of my customers that live in the colder climates or are unsure of what the weather will bring us at the end of April.  I am sorry I did not think of this sooner.  It was the number one reason why I sewed a classic bodice last year versus peasant dresses.  Not only could your child wear a t-shirt underneath the dress, but she could wear another sweater over the dress if need be.  I understand.  So this week, I will create a few alternative dresses that will be perfect for layering, and hopefully satisify the needs of those that are unsure what Spring will bring this year.  If you have a request as far as peasant, classic bodice, or flutter sleeve dresses are concerned, be sure to comment below.